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As a Spirit you are born, linked like an umbilical cord to what sustains you.

Just like a Mother nourishes her unborn in the womb and originally bears life in order to

co-create what was originally established as a way of existence by

our Divine Mother and Divine Father.

As a Spirit you have a indispensable role in the entire human existence,

one that only YOU can uphold.


Consciousness in Motherhood

Motherhood and its preparations through conception, pregnancy, birth and as a parent

gives rise to the ultimate inquiry of why we are doing this self-investigation, clearing,

and fundamental overhaul of all preconditioned concepts, ideas and tendencies.

It's the work of becoming conscious, the continuous evolving steps towards self-mastery.​

Why and what are we doing this for?

What legacy are we passing to the next generation? Are we passing responsibility and awareness to care about and honor the wisdom of the elders, the sacred ancestors,

and to care about this planet in the most conscious way? 

Or are we passing down generations of mis-holdings, fears,

and tendencies that condition our children?

How would it feel knowing that someone truly could care about your soul, your heart, your well-being, your empowerment, and is honestly dedicated to the ones still unborn?

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