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Abstract Lights

About Nadine

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Healing for one means Healing for All.
Healing one's ancestry patterns and their energetic results
sets free

the next generation.
Healing humanity ,
one soul at a time,
beginning by You.

Align yourself again 
 as a Spirit,
with the highest eternal light of truth, dissolved in the unconditional
Love of God

My Story


    I am here to protect the wisdom of our Great Divine Cosmic Mother, to celebrate her return and assist humanity during this time of Ascension.

I am here as a carrier of sacred medicine, as an ambassador and guide in service to all of humanity.  

  According to our cosmic ancestors, ALL life belongs to the Source of existence, the source of divine consciousness and therefore everyone inhabits the birthright to return and realign with their original frequency and vibration --and as thus, my sole role lies in the sincere return of our original sense of being as Souls, as Divine carries of  our Mother's light. My sincere heart wishes to only engage with what is truly sacred, so that we human beings live our highest potential, find our connection again with our Great Cosmic Mother, reawaken our original blueprint of our 12 Strand DNA and fulfill this Earths' evolution. My invitation reaches to all souls that resonate with this intent, to live our true spiritual inheritance as cosmic stewards, free from all negative thought patterns and soul bindings with negative entities.

 As a long time world traveler and apprentice in various healing modalities I humbly walked this planet in dire need for any of its remnants of what is still intact and holy, looked for wisdom to be preserved and held within. I learned from the guidance of spiritual teachers and from sacred holders of wisdom across the world. And more profoundly, I learned from sacred places and their inherent language for the soul in deep revelations, what it means to be a human being, what our essence beholds and what truly inspires our souls to reach for the highest and reach within where our most sacred jewels reside...

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