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Welcome, your journey starts here

Step gently into the heart and matter of your Soul







Each session is unique and different, dedicated to the unification of your purpose with your Spirit and your heart to find everlasting joy and connection with yourself.

These Soul readings will give you the opportunity to realign with your inner medicine, your origins, your lineages by detaching from unconscious conditionings, ancestral patterns and their energetic results.

I support you to find energetic balance , power, and endurance as we enter the dawning of spiritual ascension.

I am here as a guide to clarify traumas and wounds, to assist in your greater health, in your awakening as a spiritual conscious being.

Together we can dissolve stagnancies that prevent you from acknowledging the presence of the divine within.

It takes time and gentle support to gain confidence during these chaotic times.

I am here to guide through vision and heartfelt connection to find inner wisdom again and to overcome personal challenges.

During our time together I will help bring transparency to life's struggles and pains so that sorrow, shame, grief, and frustration can be released and healed once and for all.

May our work together bring peace to your soul, to your heart, bring relief where life hurts and may you be met with the highest and purest form of unconditional love in your life's journey.

During our session we enter into a quiet space, a heartful connection

followed by an opening, by a call or prayer to the divine, to the highest God forces and divine light agents of spiritual healing to assist with your transformation. 

We will use techniques of self- investigation, inner recapitulation of life events, current challenges to enter into the depths of your soul landscape.

Nothing needs to be shared but all can be revealed in the light of consciousness. I am not a healer, but a facilitator of your healing, a guide to bring light to your inner medicine and journey of Healing.

Be gentle and kind to your self, and others...

Soul Guidance sessions

During each session we will set a sacred container, hold an intent, navigate through the challenges of the present life situations and receive clarity on one's current emotional and spiritual state (includes exercises and assignments when needed).


or 90min-$140

Soul Readings with frequency upgrades

 During each reading, we will set a sacred container, hold an intent and build the foundation for a crystalline clear connection to Source consciousness. You will receive Attunements, frequency upgrades from divine blueprint templates through the sacred resonance field of our Cosmic Divine Mother's Order.

90min $220

"The Soul is like the Ocean, wide infinite potential, yet the ups and downs of life keep us in an aquarium of patterns and tendencies in which we experience the limitations of being."

Together we can open the doorway to the natural being that you are, that awaits to experience the wide ocean.

   In my mid teens I received the strong call to visit sacred sites in Australia and reconnect with the aboriginal wisdom in the Motherland of Australia. There at Uluru ( Ayers Rock) I first heard the call of the ancient ones, the original ancestors, the true guardians of this planet to protect what is sacred, to hold dear what is still engraved in land and stones. Everything changed in my life after I realized we are ancient eternal beings equipped with medicine and wisdom from way before our life. The call never ceased to guide me across this precious Earth, always connecting me with the light carriers and masters from long ago that knew and lived in the wise ways. I absorbed every ounce of knowledge of what healing means to carry its fruits for generations to come. The spiritual capabilities to receive and hear, to connect with lost practices to revive our spiritual inheritance came always and foremost from our divine Mother, the Mother of our Souls. The origin and essence of what it means to be truly human, to live with purpose, to thrive in our innate potentials is the fuel to my passion and life...

   Timeline of my Education, Apprenticeships, Courses & Initiations

  • Born 1980 south of Berlin, East Germany


  • 1991 - 2000 formal school education with undergraduate degree in southern Germany


  • 2000/01 6-month travel to Australia

  • 2001 First Vipassana course and initial visions of Maria Magdalena, a major inspiration to all my endeavors and excursions into the human essential nature


  • 2001/2002 1 year Internship at an Orphanage in Cologne, Germany

       Extensive studies in Cologne of origins of Psychology, Wilhelm Reich, Shamanism and their application in the healing process

       of Traumas and conditionings


  • 2002 Travel through Europe, study of Yoga and many Meditation retreats/ Vipassana retreats

       Study of ancient practices of Fertility, Conscious Conception, Menstrual wisdom and Products, Herbology to assist women

       during all stages of life

       First circles/workshops offered and client work, teaching about alternatives in menstrual hygiene, courses in tracking the female

       cycle and its inherent relationship with the cosmic cycles


  • 2003  Solo Travel to Asia to deepen my studies of meditation, Yoga, Healing modalities (Thailand, Burma)

       Extensive studies in Thai Massage, Reflexology


  • 2004 Study of diverse Healing modalities at a Healing practitioner school in Berlin, including Homeopathy, Herbology, Shiatsu and Process- Orientated Psychology, Family constellations


   January of 2005 - July 2009 Journey across Europe, Middle East,  Asia, Central America, USA


  • 2005 Study in Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan) of Women's  Shamanic practices, ancient techniques of connection with the Spirit to find healing, study of women in different cultures and religions with a focus on ancient scriptures

  • 2005/06  2 years in India, study of Yoga, meditation, Kriya Yoga ( Kriya yoga initiation in the lineage of Yogananda),

  • Psycho-Shamanism and its origins of healing modalities; Reiki initiations

       Many spiritual connections with Ancient Masters, Rishis, accomplished Yogis and female shamans from across the world  to

       receive guidance and clarity


       Deepened study of feminine wisdom across the world

       First encounter in India with the circle of 13 indigenous Grandmothers


  • 2007 first time I entered the US in order to find sacred original wisdom as bestowed to the Natives of Turtle Island, Attended a Sundance of the Lakotas in the Black Hills, SD with the circle of indigenous Grandmothers

       I visited many sacred sites in the US, to learn about the medicine the Native Americans possibly still carry


  • 2008 Travel to Mexico/Guatemala Study of Shamanic practices and offering workshops in Feminine Channeled wisdom about the cosmic cycles

       End of 2008 I met my husband with whom I continued the journey

       I stayed connected to a few of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers and received several initiations into shamanic practices


  • 2008/9  3-month intensive immersion yoga course in Thailand while pregnant


  • 2009 our first son was born in Germany, after which we immigrated into the USA


  • 2009-2013 Focus on Motherhood, Sacred Women circles, writing on a book titled "The Essence of a Woman" which is still in the process of completion


  • 2013-2021 Training/Apprenticeship in Energetics, Energy Management, Spiritual Ecology, Crystal Wisdom, Chakra Balancing, Sacred reciprocity

  • 2022 Private Practice In Western North Carolina

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